Nail Polish for Fungus


Toenail fungus is an infection that can result to mild to extreme discomfort due to the cracked and thickened toenails. This disease can be caused by yeast, dermatophytes or molds. Since spores of fungi can be found anywhere, this infection is very common. There are various ways to cure this infection. Some patients prefer using all natural treatment, while other want to use antifungal medication. Also, there are plenty of dos and don’ts that you need to remember if you have a toenail infection. One is to maintain a clean and dry foot, and the other is to avoid applying regular nail polish to hide the symptoms.

Why use medicated nail polish for fungus?

Podiatrists and dermatologists strongly discourage the use of ordinary nail polish to hide away the thickening and the ugly discoloration of the nails. Concealing your infection won’t do you any good. In fact, it can worsen your condition and lead to serious problems such as onycholysis where your nail totally separates from the nail bed and severe bacterial infection that could spread all over your body.

Instead of using regular nail products you can find at shopping malls and department stores, physicians prescribe a medicated nail lacquer that you can use as a treatment to your nail infection, most especially if you don’t want to orally ingest anti-fungal medication. Here are the reasons:

  1. It contains anti-fungal ingredients. Medicated nail lacquers can either contain ciclopirox or amorolfine. Both of these substances are used to kill the fungi infecting your toenails. Ciclopirox works by bonding with the cations involved in fungal metabolism, which results to the disruption of the normal function of the invading organism. It can also inhibit the absorption nutrition of the fungi. As for the amorolfine infused lacquers, they function best in inhibiting the production of the fungal cell membrane, which later causes the death of the fungal colony.
  2. Most brands contain antiseptic ingredients. Most of the medicated nail products sold today are infused with tea tree oil, a very potent natural ingredient that can help prevent bacterial infections. With this essential oil, you can take care of your infected nails more efficiently.
  3. They can come in assorted colors. Like the regular cosmetic nail polish, you can also choose from different colors of medicated lacquers. The discoloration and the thickening of the infected nail can look very unpleasant, but with a coat of medicated nail polish, you can regain your confidence and treat your nails at the same time.

Efficacy of Medicated Nail Polish

By using the medicated nail lacquer according to your physician’s instructions, you can get rid of your toenail infection. It is useful to remember that this treatment won’t guarantee 100 percent removal of the infection.

The success rate is not that impressive. According to a study, 10 out of 100 patients reported that they were totally free from the infection. In most cases, it should be used in conjunction with other treatment such as the medicated topical cream to make it work better.

If you are to use this treatment option, you must remember that it must only be used on the affected nail and the infected skin area. Slight redness or rashes can be observed if you apply it on unaffected areas of your toes.