Fungus Shield Plus Review

Fungal infections, as the name implies, are caused by fungi. If you have had yeast infection or athlete’s foot, blame it on a fungus. Fungi are primitive organisms that live in air, on plants, in soil or in water. Some examples are mold, mildew and mushrooms but about half of its total species are harmful. They can grow as yeasts or single round cells or molds or many cells forming thin, long threads. Some of them reproduce through tiny spores found in the air and humans inhale those spores, resulting to fungal infections that start on the skin or in the lungs. A weak immune system or antibiotics intake makes one more susceptible to fungal infection. Fungal infections come in two categories, including:

  • Opportunistic Fungal Infections: These infections happen due to a weak immune system. They can be aggressive and they spread quickly to different organs, eventually leading to death. Typical ones include aspergillosis, candidasis and mucormyosis.
  • Primary Fungal Infections: Unlike opportunistic fungal infections, this type can occur in people with a healthy immune system. They tend to develop rather slowly, so it may take years or months before sufferers seek medical help. If the immune system is normal, infections typically do not spread to organs in the body.
  • Localized Fungal Infections: This type affects only one area of the body, typically in the nails, skin, mouth, vagina and sinuses.

Richard Parker, a medical researcher from Florida and the man behind Fungus Shield Plus, claims that several studies conducted at the University of Yale points out the real cause of toe or skin fungus infection. This claim has long been hidden to the public by pharmaceutical companies. It says that fungi infections come from the inside of the body and not outside. Fungi spores that we breathe each day can build up and silently poison the blood and body. The fungi infections that are commonly seen on the skin and toes are only symptoms of the actual internal fungus build-up happening in the body.

Parker works at a laboratory affiliated with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. He discovered and dared to reveal an antifungal protocol that NASA’s medical team has developed. This is also a breakthrough for fungus treatment, as it also deals with any kind of fungus. Through this treatment, there’s no need to worry about fungus build-up again. Not only will you get healthy skin again, you will also benefit from overall health and wellness as it also protects the internal organs from fungi that can crawl under your skin.

How Fungus Shield Plus Works?

Parker worked with Dr. Walter Mills, a microbiologist at a top secret military medical research laboratory to come up with Fungus Shield Plus, for they both know what authorities have been hiding from the public regarding the antifungal protocol. The two experts explain how the formula works and why it works so well.

1. Fast Penetration Stage

The first step involves the 25 carefully selected ingredients being absorbed by the body immediately for they are bioavailable and pure. The body sucks up elements that are essential for our survival, which is good because you’ll know that the important components of the formula will be effective for they will be absorbed by the body.

2. Massive Fungus Build-Up Extermination

The second step is the flushing away of fungi in the body. As mentioned earlier, fungi can build up inside which means you can have many years worth of them on your veins. Good thing is that Fungus Shield Plus is composed of three ingredients, including Beta Glucan, ARA-6 and Japanese mushroom complex. These components are chosen to flush away fungi from the walls of the arteries. Afterwards, your arteries and veins will be clear and more elastic, while your blood will flow better through your organs.

3. Blood Purification

After clearing the veins and arteries of fungi, it’s time to work on the freely flowing fungi in the blood system. The three ingredients responsible for this are Cat’s claw, curcumin and garlic. They dissolve billions of fungi that have been accumulated in the blood system for years. Curcumin is a natural antioxidant and antimicrobial while the other two ingredients work like a strainer that separates and burns the fungi in the blood flow. This oxygenates the blood and makes it ready to be pumped up to the heart.

4. Dry Skin Reconstruction

The fourth step involves working on the skin. Lycopene, a skim firmer and Quercetin, a skin protector penetrate the skin from inside to the surface. This makes the skin more natural looking, elastic and smooth. More importantly, this step makes the skin stronger from harmful effects of weather changes.

5. Hands, Feet and Nails Rejuvenation

The olive leaf extracts and natural pomegranate in the formula will directly work on your hands and feet. They will drain the fungi and out to begin to fortify the nails or skin. Pomegranate has long been used by the Chinese doctors for its health benefits.

6. Anti-Fungal Defense Army

The formula has a so-called anti-fungal defense trio, the graviola, selenium and pine-bark. They will act as your shield against fungus, even those that are hiding in the body, to make sure that you are fully protected.

7. Anti-Fungal Lung-Shield Activator

Since fungi can penetrate the lungs, Fungus Shield Plus has natural, healthy components that shield the organ from constant fungal attack that can happen every day. These ingredients include vitamins C and E and red raspberry juice. This is an important step because we also have to protect the lungs from fungi which can be readily inhaled through spores.

8. Double-Up the Anti-Fungal Defense

As if the protecting agents are not yet enough, Fungus Shield Plus also has green tea and panax ginseng extract that works by activating anti-microbial antibodies found in the body. This increases the body’s ability to fight fungus and other toxins. They are also helpful in preventing illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

What is Fungus Shield Plus?

Fungus Shield Plus is a powerful anti-fungus pill, the product of research and hard work of Richard Parker and Dr. Mills. It’s made of hard work because the process of searching for its natural ingredients is no joke. The two work together to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product. They want people to be free of fungi and its harmful effects by sharing this medical breakthrough to the public. It is recommended to take 2 pills a day for 30 days to completely achieve the incredible effects.

Benefits of Fungal Shield Plus

  • The supplement offers total elimination of fungi

Anti-fungal medicines and creams exist, but nothing compares to the effectiveness of Fungal Shield Plus. Many actual users have attested to the amazing effect of this pill and the many years of research have made it scientifically proven effective. What’s better is that it doesn’t just remove fungi, it also protects the body from it, so it offers long-term treatment.

  • It can be taken even if you have allergies or taking other supplements

The supplement is proven to have no damaging effects on people with allergies and do not contradict the effects of other supplements.

  • It can be taken by patients with any kind of fungi in the body.

Whether you are suffering from nail, skin or internal fungi, Fungus Shield Plus can work for you. Diabetics can also take it and benefit from having healthier organs.

  • It has no side effects

Since the product is made from natural, carefully selected ingredients, it is known to have no side effects.

How to Order Fungus Shield Plus?

Ordering Fungus Shield Plus is very easy. Jus visit the company’s website and you can see the packages they offer. Just click on the package you want to buy and you will be directed to a secure checkout page where you need to provide your personal information. The product will be promptly shipped to your delivery address. Currently, three packages are on offer. You can first try it in a week and see how fast it works. The makers guarantee the effectiveness of the product by offering a refund if you feel you are not satisfied with it after one week’s use.

Conclusion – Does Fungus Shield Plus Really Works?

After the very detailed information available at Fungus Shield Plus’ website, you can fully understand everything about the product. All you need to know are specified in the video and text. What is amazing about this product is that it works from within. Fungi can be inhaled, thus, it has easy access from the outside, so it has a good chance of building up in the body. Even if we treat it from the outside, it will come over and over again. Fungus Shield Plus is the answer to this and more, for it has the ability to protect the body from fungi. When you take it, you can be fungus-free for years, so it’s definitely a wise investment though it doesn’t cost that much. Our health is wealth, so investing on it makes our lives fuller and more enjoyable.