Fungus Destroyer Protocol Review

Fungal infection is known to be just a superficial problem affecting the nails and skin. However, recent studies have shown another side of this persistent condition. According to Dr. Grant Anderson, a holistic medical specialist from San Diego, there is a root cause of skin and nail fungus infection revealed in blood microscope. He says it is impossible to treat it using only topical antifungal solutions that doctors often prescribe.

Latest research about fungus infections suggests that it has nothing to do with fungal spores but rather, it breeds in the blood and spreads fast. Using a dark field microscope, blood was investigated and the real cause was discovered. Dr. Anderson says that you have to do something about it now before it’s too late. The fungus infection in your toes or nails could actually be signs that there are fungi thriving in your blood that could eventually lead to poisoning and liver failure. This is also the reason why you should never neglect fungal infections.

Fungus Destroyer – An Antifungal Protocol

Dr. Anderson got the antifungal protocol from a famous Chinese doctor. This can cure fungal infections in as fast as 12 hours from the skin to the nails and all the way to the internal system. It has been proven medically to work in 99% cases, surprising doctors and helping thousands of sufferers. This protocol does not involve harmful drugs or medications, expensive laser treatments or painful surgery. This is why it has been hidden from the public. The pharmaceutical industry is a huge multimillion dollar industry and they will be outraged if this solution leaks out.

Dr. Anderson is an independent researcher who has devoted years trying to find out alternative medicines and a contributor for several health sites. He spent 30 years trying to unravel every important thing about fungal infection because of his personal experience. His father suffered from severe fungal infection that led to jaundice and liver failure, and he became so desperate to find a solution. Unfortunately, his father died. This woke his passion to find a cure to this silent killer. He studied medicine and spent weekends researching.

At first, he got frustrated to find out that the common medicines used to treat fungal infections have adverse effects that can harm the body in the long run, until he came out with his discovery about blood with fungal infection. He found out that a weak immune system increases the risk of having fungus. The reason why fungus is difficult to cure is that it has been with the body for years. This discovery is also the key to treating fungus effectively and permanently.

Dr. Jiang’s “Fungus Destroyer” Steps to Permanently Solve Fungal Infections

Dr. Jiang Xi Liu is a Chinese doctor who has helped so many patients who think their disease is incurable. He agreed with Dr. Anderson when the latter approached him about his discovery of nail and skin fungus being asymptomatic. To clear fungus, the waste from the main organs should be cleared as well. Here is what he follows:

Step 1:  The first step involves eliminating fungal activity with natural antifungal ingredients. You don’t have to worry about side effects that over the counter drugs have. These ingredients can be bought at local drug stores. One of these is activated charcoal that acts like a net to bind fats and toxic substances found in your gut, and then excrete them in your stool. His combination of antifungals is proven to remove over 60% of toxins.

Step 2: The second step addresses the internal organs by healing them using essential nutrients and strengthening the immune system.  The body is able to heal itself through the process of regeneration. Cells die but they are able to reproduce and regrow. This process is being disrupted by toxins and other harmful substances. Only the right nutrition can bring back the balance in the body. Dr. Jiang prescribes a special food combination when treating certain diseases such as liver problems. He tells exactly what you need and where to source the purest forms of the needed nutrients.

Step 3: This step involves applying natural solutions directly to the affected area. Dr. Jiang recommends using this footbath made of beer, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and other essential ingredients. Beer is used for it has minerals like phosphorus, potassium, selenium and biotin. These components all help nails from within, making them healthy.

What the Fungus Destroyer Protocol Offers?

After learning the steps on how fungus infection is removed, Dr. Anderson requested Dr. Jiang to create a step-by-step program to allow ordinary people to cure the infection. They got down to creating the protocol now called Fungus Destroyer. It has helped thousands of people suffering from skin and nail fungus, psoriasis, rosacea, athlete’s foot and eczema. This product includes the following:

  • Fungus Infection Diagnostic Tool: this tool will help you uncover the reason why you have such condition, including the organs affected and became breeding ground for fungi. It will also tell you the dosage and ingredients needed to treat your condition based on its severity. Through this tool, you can be your own doctor and know what goes on in your body what to do with it.
  • Best Source of Nutrients for Healing: After learning what you need to take to eliminate fungus, you should get the ingredients only from the right sources. Dr. Jiang will tell you where to get the ingredients in their potent form.
  • The Protocol: The actual guide that instructs you each and every step to be fungus-free. Dosage and the right ingredients are important, but taking them at the right time is what matters most. The program can work on your immune system, damaged organs, toes and skin.

The program is all natural and free from side effects. It is the real solution to fighting fungal infection that has been persisting for years. It gives you freedom and better control of your body and health. There’s no need to be frustrated and lose hop over this problem for the answer is within your reach. You no longer have to be embarrassed, to feel itchy or irritated, and all it takes is 10 minutes of your day. This means that the solution you will be mixing shall be applied on the affected area each day.

What Included In The Fungus Destroyer PDF? Any Bonuses?

The Fungus Destroyer Protocol is available for only $79. It is a complete package designed to permanently treat fungus in your body. The basic package includes the protocol and fast action package while the ultra package includes the following:

  • Video Tutorial: this is a series of videos with instructions that are easy to understand. It is like having the two doctors beside you, telling you what exactly you need and how to do it. The step-by-step guide saves you from never ending visits to the doctor to find the cure for your fungus.
  • Audio Book: for tech savvy people, this is the best way to learn about the protocol. Just plug your earphones and listen to the instructions.
  • Email Coaching: this will ensure you have a reliable partner in your journey towards healing. You can get an exclusive email coaching service that will help you answer any questions you have in mind. You will also be the first ones to get updates on the latest research being done by the author.
  • VIP Customer Service: If you need immediate answer, this service offers a good way to get that. You can speak to a team of experts who are willing to help you 24/7.
  • Miracle Pain Killer: fungus can cause pain that causes discomfort. To address this pain, you can use some herbs and foods to produce a formula and ease your aches. This book tells you which combination you can use.
  • The Fungus Cure Test: to know that you are protected from fungus, you can perform tests. To know what this test is, simply use this book.
  • 1-Day Detox: for people who don’t have fungi, this one-day detox is a powerful agent that can be taken once a month to flush away toxins from the body.

The protocol is for anyone suffering from fungal diseases, whether it’s on the skin, nail or internal organs. It is suitable for diabetics. You can get the product from their website and it will be shipped to your delivery address. You can see results in a matter of days. In case you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.

Conclusion – Does Fungus Destroyer Really Work?

There’s a cure for almost all diseases, but the problem with mainstream medication is the side effects that could harm us after prolonged intake. What Fungus Destroyer offers is an all natural, proven effective way to totally eliminate fungus from the body. It also teaches us the right way to address many diseases, which is to get to the root cause. This way, you can fight it in the most effective way while improving your overall health. Fungus Destroyer is an investment in our health, for you never have to lose anything but annoying fungus.